Sir David Martin Foundation - helping young people in crisis

Sir David Martin Foundation is a family Foundation with over 30 years dedicated to helping young people in crisis. We fund programs to support young people suffering from problems such as substance addiction, homelessness, mental illness, disengagement from society, abuse, unemployment and family breakdown. These programs provide treatment and support for these issues, as well as assist young people in returning to education and training to find pathways to employment and a healthy, productive life. Our Goal is to fund effective programs that help young people in crisis regain their health, get off the streets and achieve their goals. Our Vision is to create an environment where young people can grow up in safety, with hope and opportunity. Sir David Martin Foundation if the primary funder of Mission Australia's Triple Care Farm program. About Triple Care Farm: An award-winning residential rehabilitation facility in Robertson, NSW, that provides 16-24 year olds with treatment and support for drug and alcohol addiction and mental illness. The Foundation also helps support young people pursuing further education or entering the workforce through the Sir David Martin Foundation Scholarship Fund. Find out more by visiting Sir David Martin Foundation's website